Monday, September 5, 2022

Rave Reviews for The Simplicity of My Testimony: A Memoir!

Heading into the fourth week since the book release, the response to The Simplicity of My Testimony: A Memoir has been overwhelming, and God answered yet another prayer for me in that He allowed my book to be sold in my church's Book Nook!

The first two weeks of overall sales were GREAT, between the books the church purchased from me to sell, the books I sold just by showing them to people in person, and people reaching out to me because they had heard about it! I'm quickly learning that if I simply show the book to someone, I generally don't even have to ask for a purchase. The quality of the cover and the book speaks for itself, but the main thing is that God is all over it!

Many people were so inspired that they came back to purchase additional copies to give away to loved ones. I've been receiving some wonderful comments about how relatable, easy to read, and overall blessing the book is. One reader stated how the preface alone had her hooked, while another reader shared that she couldn't put the book down. Another reader was excited at something so small as the lined note pages I included at the end of the book, while yet another reader told me she's taking her time reading it, and because of this, purchased a copy for her daughter so she (the mom) wouldn't have to rush to finish it! I am truly humbled at the responses that I am receiving, and inspired by all the personal ways my testimony is affecting others.

I'm so excited about what God is doing and I want to make sure you get your copy for yourself as well as copies to give to others. My ultimate goal is to get my testimony into as many hands as possible, as I believe wholeheartedly that it will bless everyone who reads it!

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