Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spiritual Warfare

While on the way down a certain stretch of road, I noticed something very out of the ordinary, something that didn't fit in with the line of nicely trimmed homes and large front yards. I'd traveled this road literally hundreds of times before, both daytime and night time, and not once had I experienced the eerie feeling I now had as I passed through this particular area. What had happened that cause my spirit to grieve and my guard to be on alert?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Victory Against the Adversary

An adversary is one that contends with, opposes or resists. An adversary is an enemy. An adversary can come in many forms and any time, usually when we least expect it. It studies our vulnerabilities so that it can attack us as effectively as possible: in the mind, body, spirit, family, home, relationships, finances, emotions and any other way it can. An adversary strikes out of the blue without warning. Its primary mission is to seek out and destroy the peace and tranquility we so diligently seek, and in doing so, cause turmoil, doubt and confusion.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

God is Real

Over the sound of the music and introduction, a man's voice is heard saying that he's "not gonna believe in anything [he] can't see." Then the song begins...
Heard a man on the radio today
I must confess, I disagree with what he had to say
How can he not believe that God is real?

I don’t understand how he could feel...that way...
These are the opening words to India.Arie’s song, God is Real. I hadn’t listened to this song in a very long time, but for some reason – I believe a DIVINE reason – the song began playing in my mind. I became so excited I could barely stand still.

Friday, September 11, 2009


On my way to work this morning, I sat across from a gentleman neatly dressed in dark slacks. I didn’t think anything of it, and was actually surprised when, after having sat near him for the first quarter of the trip, I noticed he had a companion: a jet black Labrador, sitting perfectly still between the man’s legs, resting his chin on the man’s knee. I smiled, as the man gently stroked the dog’s face and head, the dog obviously appreciating the attention. I thought to myself, “Even dogs have a purpose. This dog was created to be a guide dog. If God would create a dog for a purpose (not a purpose for a dog!), how much greater, then, is His purpose for us?”

The Simplicity of My Testimony

The Simplicity (a lack of complexity, complication, embellishment, or difficulty) of My (belonging or relating to…me!) Testimony (firsthand authentication of a fact; a public profession of Christian faith or religious experience; an open acknowledgment).

I first heard the words, the Simplicity of My Testimony, several years ago during a sermon my pastor preached. It was so profound by its own right, and immediately caught my attention. I wrote it down, and have had it in my spirit since that day. I believe it’s been at least four years now.

I’ve been entertaining the thought of creating a blog for quite some time, but like many people, I had some very valid questions rolling around in my mind: “What would I call the blog? Why do I want to keep one? Would anyone read it? And what would I write about, anyway?” That said, the name came back to the forefront of my mind, and after opening and closing Blogger many MANY times getting information, inching ever closer to jumping in with both feet, I finally decided to go for it. Last night, after I had finished setting up the blog account, I sat in the dimly lit living room, looked around, grinned and said, “Okay, Lord…now what?” And I trust He’ll give me something to write about.