Power of Prayer

Near the water is a wonderful and peaceful place to pray
Much can be said about the power of prayer, but unless one has experienced God's answered prayers, that person really might not know just how meaningful those words - the power of prayer - really are.

Today I had the pleasure and privilege to speak words at a birthday party for a very special 70-year-old. Before I stood to speak, I had heard one guest describe the birthday woman's prayer life. The words "she knows how to pray THROUGH!" still resound in my mind.

As I stood to speak, I described the humility of the one we were there to celebrate, stating that I desire to be as humble as she is. Then I commented on the "praying through" remark from moments earlier. I told the guests gathered that I aspire to learn how to "pray through" and if I could get even just a fraction as much as she has in that area, then I will be happy. That is indeed an understatement. I know, however, that being able to pray through whatever comes my way, and to stand unwaveringly on the Word and Promises of Almighty God requires commitment and dedication of time and energy. I know, too, that it requires shutting off the temping distractions we all-to-easily give in to (i.e., television, cell phones, computers, social networking, music, etc.), and getting on our knees or in a quiet space to talk to - and LISTEN FOR - God.

Just last week, as I was cleaning out my cluttered email inbox, I ran across a message I had sent and in it, there was a quote taken from Our Daily Bread. The quote was so simple, but spoke volumes: "God takes time to listen to those who take time to pray".

I wrote and posted "A Call to Prayer" after (if I recall correctly) a sermon my pastor preached. Even now as I rediscover the article, I'm reminded of just HOW IMPORTANT prayer is.

"When God Doesn't Answer", was another article I wrote, and has much to do with the topic of prayer. I had received an email from a woman who asked,  "How do you know when God is telling you to move forward with something?" She wanted to know why God doesn't answer her prayers. After MUCH prayer (there's that word again!), God answered and gave me the words to write back to this woman. She responded back with thanksgiving that I would take time out to answer a stranger. I gave and still give all the glory to God, for it was His words that I wrote.

"A Guide for an Hour of Prayer" is posted to Clay for the Potter with permission from the Word of Faith Church. I first saw this on a bookmark that the church has made available to anyone who wants one. It breaks down the Lord's Prayer so wonderfully, and explains what each scripture means. Then it goes even further by describing HOW to pray based on those scriptures. Jesus Christ gave us a "pattern for prayer" when the disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. Using the guide mentioned above, our prayers become much more effective and focused, and before you know it, even an hour won't be long enough!

"Tell Somebody" is just one of the many testimonies I have about the goodness of God, and about trusting in Him to see us through. It is a summary of an incident I experienced several years ago, something I still share to this day and will continue to share as long as someone is willing to listen.