Clay for the Potter

Clay for the Potter first went live on October 12, 2007. Since that day, so much
has happened, and there is so much for which I am thankful. The site has grown from about ten pages to over seventy, and God is still pouring ideas into me.

One of my favorite places to writeSince the birth of Clay for the Potter, the Lord has allowed me to show my photography in an art exhibit, start this blog, write and edit for others, and much more. I'm currently planning to completely redesign the website, with the hope of making it even better and more exciting!

Ultimately, my goal is to write a book (but not limiting myself to just one!). The first two are already in the works.

There’s so much on the horizon right now that I find it difficult at times to stay focused. It was during a time of consecrated fasting and prayer several years ago that Clay for the Potter came into being, and even as I write, another consecrated fast is approaching. It's during such times is this that God opens up my mind and creativity, giving birth to thoughts that have waited to be expressed. What a wonderful year ahead!
As long as the Lord is willing to use me, I am a willing vessel. I hope you have been blessed by what you’ve seen so far, and that you will continue to be blessed by what I have to refer to as my “web ministry”.